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Hello! I am Nikita! I’m a developer from Riga, Latvia with 3+ years of Ruby on Rails back-end development and a 3+ years experience in converting beautiful designs to useful web pages and applications that display and work properly on a desktop and mobile devices. I can convert design you have to live page or make some changes to your current website. A business-oriented mindset helps me to understand how things should work to give user the best experience using your website. My main priority is a quality of result that I deliver, my code is always checked to work properly, code that I write will be easily readable and structured to logical blocks for easier maintenance. Have a lot of experience working under tight deadlines, can easily jump from task to task if priority changes, not a stress for me. I'm pedantic and will work as much as needed to deliver work on time. I'll not disappear, will be always reachable by email or slack. Responsibility is what I like, challenges are what I love, always proactive, always ready to fire up! Reach me up if I can help you with your project or you have some questions! Or just to say HI :)
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